A Look Back in Time,

On a recent visit, to the family home where I was raised, I sat on the porch and noticed so much had changed since I lived there as a child.

I remember as a child the fun that was had on that street. We knew everyone in the street we spoke to the neighbours even bartered for goods. We had a vegetable garden and would trade some vegetables with Mrs C two doors up for eggs.

I loved this street, every morning right on 6 am the street would slowly come to life. The milkman would drop off the milk and the paper boy would ride by tossing the paper onto the steps, That signalled the beginning of the day.

Weekdays were busy the baker and butcher would deliver their goods The DC van would come by with all manner of goods. He would be swamped as the women would be after the latest home gadget and the latest in fashion. Then there were the morning and afternoon teas, the chats over the fence while hanging the washing out to dry. The afternoons and weekends where when the street really came to life.

After school we would go home and change out of our uniforms and then run out to meet all the kids in the street. There was about 20 of us, and we would organize a game in right there in the street, we would play stick ball, football, or cricket. Full time would be when one of us was called for dinner. That would signal the end of our day, we would all go home for dinner with our families. Life was simpler back then. Television was black and white and there were no computers,we had to make our own fun.

As I sat there on the porch looking over the neighbourhood There was such a difference between now and then. Many of the original families had moved on now, though a couple still remained. No loner did anyone know everyone. There were no more morning teas like there were, there were no longer milk or bread deliveries. The paper boy has been replaced by some rev head who hurls the papers out of a speeding car, the result is the paper ending up anywhere but the front porch. There are no games played on the street, in fact I wonder if the kids on the street even know each other. Neighbours don’t talk to each other they know each other on sight and give a friendly wave or nod occasionally a polite hello.

Things have changed so much over time and no just in my old neighbourhood. People don’t talk to each other like we used to do, Now its all email, sms, etc. Morning and afternoon teas are a thing of the past. Kids play game consoles and are on the computer or phone. No street games for them.


What do you think?

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