Response to Criticism of my “Soft Gun Laws” Comment.

I have been criticized for my comments on my last blog “U.S News: Australian Baseball Player Shot by teens in Drive-by” when I said US gun laws were soft. Well Personally I think they are when compared to Austraila and the UK.

When Kids, teens, and youths can get hold of a gun and run riot with them yes the laws are soft. When someone is just out having a jog and can be randomly gunned down for doing so, yes the laws are soft.

Yes we have gun laws that are what some say are too tough, but then again some say dont go far enough. People can still get guns but if caught with them unlicenced and unsecured then there are hefty penalties.

In the US there are such things as bullet proof back packs for school children. There are metal detectors in schools. I am stunned, With tough gun laws, money spent on metal detectors in schools could be better spent on education. Your children should not need bulletproof equipment to go to school.

Think about it, kids should be able to walk to school knowing that it is safe to do so. You should be able to walk down the street without having to worry about being caught up in a gunfight between rival gangs etc. Tough gun laws means less shooting deaths.

I keep hearing about the right to bear arms, well even under tough gun laws many will still have that right providing your a member of a gun club. But if you have a criminal record or a history of mental health issues or are gang related you wont. Small price to pay in my book. How many more children does the US have to loose to gun deaths before they wake up and see the fact that gun laws save lives.

So before you criticize me for my comments, remember this. I used to have a gun. I surrendered my gun of my own free will. I am thankful I live in a society where it is safe to go out of a night and not have to carry a gun. I am free to jog every morning, and children can go to school without having metal detctors and guards. I am thankful I live in a country where I can leave my front door unlocked and not be afraid to do so. I can park my car and not lock it, yet not have to worry about it.


What do you think?

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