Teen Jailed over gay relationship.

We all got up in arms over the Homophobic laws in Russia there were even calls to boycott the winter Olympics. Then in country where you would least expect it Homophobia rears up in a way that makes me cringe. Would this have been such a big deal if it was not a same sex relationship?  Seriously now I know of cases where  a young man gets a slap on the wrist because he is 18 and the girl is 14 and both claim they are in love. Yet here we see Jail sentences etc. Smells like homophobia to me. If these girls love each other, well let them be they are not hurting anyone and you certainly can’t change someone and make them gay.

kaitlyn hunt

Kaitlyn Hunt an 18-year-old who sounds like your typical American teenager, is facing child abuse charges and two years imprisonment in her Florida home because of a consenting same-sex relationship she had with a 15-year-old peer which began when she was 17. Kaitlyn
was a cheerleader who had top grades, a trainee nurse and was a recipient of the ‘most school spirit’ award, sadly now everything has changed.

The charges against Kaitlyn are being pressed by the girlfriend’s parents and Kaitlyn’s family allege it is because they blame Kate for their daughter’s homosexuality.

Kelley Hunt Smith, Kate’s mother, said
“They were out to destroy my daughter, they feel like my daughter ‘made’ their daughter gay, They are teenagers in high school experimenting with their sexuality — with mutual consent. And even if their daughter is gay, who cares? She is still their daughter, These people never came to us as parents, never tried to speak with us … and tell us they had a problem with the girls dating.” adding that they went straight to police with the charges.

Last week, The Assistant State Attorney offered Kaitlyn a plea bargain, where she could plead guilty to the felony of child abuse and spend two years under house arrest plus one year of probation. She could also be placed on a sex offender register. That offer was revoked after revelations Ms Hunt had contacted the alleged victim almost daily since March 1. That contact included 20,000 text messages, 25 pictures and secret meetings, according to prosecutors.

Ms Hunt’s mother had tried to help her daughter cover her tracks.
‘Delete EVERYTHING,’ Smith wrote in a text message to the girl. ‘PLEASE delete everything and make sure NO ONE finds out you’ve spoken to Kate at all.’Court documents allege the two had sex as recently as July.

Kaitlyn was previously charged and jailed in February but was released after posting a $5000 bond. She is likely to face additional charges for breaking the terms of her bond at a hearing Tuesday.

Opinions about the case in her local community of Sebastian have become increasingly divided and has sparked a huge backlash since the family went public last week. The family, is hoping that the controversy will force the State Attorney to improve the plea offer.
Kaitlyn has until May 24 to decide whether she will accept the plea deal. If she does not accept the deal she will appear in court on June 20.



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