Justin Hernandez: Turning the Final Pages of Facebook

Remember the days of AOL Desktop, where the biggest draw to installing the software was having chat room access? No? How about Friendster, one of the first social networking sites? Still drawing a blank? Okay, well then surely you remember Myspace, where friends could post comments on your page that normally went a little something like: “dRoPpInG bY yOuR PaGe 2 SaY heLLo.” (Even though we don’t like to fess up to it, we were all guilty of mixing upper and lower case letters at some point during the Myspace heyday.) I’ve survived all of these mediums of Internet communication, and now enjoy a happy existence on Facebook along with the other one billion plus users on its site.

I joined Facebook back in 2008. During the past five years, it has helped me keep in touch with friends, connect with new people, and promote my writing. In a society where social media has exploded and become an effective communication tool, Facebook has served me well. However, I’ve noticed some changes lately in the way both others and myself utilize the site. This shift in activity is reminiscent of when Myspace was nearing the end of its popularity and makes me wonder if Facebook has peaked.

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