Marseille launches petition for Batman to save it from crime.

RESIDENTS of France’s second-largest city,Marseille have called on Batman for help after a recent surge in violent crime

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The mock online petition and Facebook page, entitled Will It Take Batman To Save Marseille?, This comes after a pensioner was shot dead last week trying to stop a robbery.

Jacques Blondel, 61, knocked the robbers over with his car and confronted them with a baseball bat and pepper spray after they held up a tobacconist. He tried to reason with them and grabbed for their gun but was shot in the thigh and stomach.

Marseille has also seen 13 gang-related killings this year, many thought to be linked to the drugs trade.Members of the French riot police 29th Republican Security Company (CRS 29) check their patrol routes in central Marseille. The extra police have been sent in to fight rampant street crime but what it really needs is Batman.

Criminal gangs are increasingly using heavy duty weapons such as AK-47 assault rifles, thought to arrive in the city through its  Mediterranean Sea port. The government has said it is sending in 130 extra riot police Рwho will be patrolling streets by the end of August Рas well as 24 more detectives. Many residents are critical and say politicians are not doing enough.

The petition says,”Today finished the sound bites and rhetoric … The city needs action! Or are we preparing to always call more police and army … then Batman!”

Ben Affleck was not available for comment.


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