Man robbed a bank in an effort to recieve free health care in jail.

I have to wonder why people have to go to this extreme to get health care in the U.S. It would appear there are serious problems that need to be addressed there.

The more I hear about obtaining medical help in America the more I realize I live in an extremely lucky country. A country where I can access medical treatment whenever I need it, and for free.

Yes we have medical insurance here as well, but should you be unable to afford it free treatment is available, without having to go to Jail. I was stunned when I came across the following story.

Epic fail or strange success? When it comes to a recent alleged bank robbery, it all depends on whom you ask.

Clackamas County sheriff’s deputies might be more inclined to classify Timothy Dean Alsip’s alleged robbery attempt last Friday a failure. Alsip’s arrest at a Bank of America branch outside Portland, Ore, was especially easy because the suspect remained at the scene of the crime, according to CBS Seattle.

Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Deputy Mark Nikolai described the strange chain of events, beginning a little after 10 a.m. on Aug. 23.

“Timothy Alsip handed over a note saying, ‘This is a hold up. Give me a dollar,'”

Then rather than flee with his ill-gotten one dollar bill, took a seat in the lobby and quietly waited for police to arrest him.

Originally charged with both second-degree robbery and third-degree theft, Alsip saw his robbery charge dismissed, according to the Sheriff’s Office website. Alsip remains in jail, having failed to pay a $40,000 bail on the theft charge.

Alsip told officers he had “robbed” the bank in order to receive medical care in jail. Although he had no previous criminal record, Alsip had apparently been acting strangely in the days before the robbery. The 50-year-old homeless man asked random people for help and even called 911 on himself to “complain of various imaginary problems,”

Whether or not Alsip’s health problems are legitimate or not, his plan to seek jailhouse healthcare may have been inspired by a similar robbery in North Carolina two years ago. At the time, James Verone told reporters that he asked the teller at a Gastonia, N.C., bank for $1 in an effort to get himself arrested, according to Mother Jones. The 59-year-old reportedly hoped to stay in jail just long enough to get free medical care for a host of conditions and then qualify for Social Security when he got out.

There you have it! Crazy or inspired. I guess that is up to you, but for me it is insane to think the only way to get help is go to jail.
In this country from birth you are issued a Medicare Number this allows you to get free Medical, Dental etc. Maybe our method of supplying healthcare is not for all, but medical treatment for all is something President Obama obviously needs to address.


What do you think?

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