9 Times US and Partners Used Chemical Weapons and WMDs and got away with it

I think the Us and UK government need to step back and take a good look at their history. This post shows that they too

The Tale Of Bitter Truth

9 times US and partners used chemical weapons and WMDs and got away with it

“International law” only applied to enemies of imperialism

There has been no evidence presented that the Syrian government is responsible for the chemical attack that took the lives of hundreds of civilians. But the U.S. government and Britain claim that their allegations alone give them the moral authority to launch military action, in direct violation of international law. What they leave out is the long history of the U.S. government and its partners using chemical weapons and other weapons of mass destruction—and getting away with it. Here are nine examples:

#1: World War I, 1914-1918

Modern chemical weapons were first used on a mass scale during World War I, when the imperialist powers of the world sent their soldiers to kill and die in clouds of mustard gas and phosgene to re-divide the world amongst…

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