Vet helps greyhound Millie walk properly again with prosthetic limb from US



IT’S one small step for animal science, but a giant leap forward for Millie, the three legged greyhound.

416142-bionic-dogHailed as Australia’s first bionic dog, Millie is walking tall again after being fitted with a prosthetic paw and foreleg made especially for her in the US.

And she took no time to show she has her mojo back.

“She was fantastic – Millie put her weight on it immediately and walked around the treatment room,” said Mosman vet Abbie Tipler.

Vets believe one day she may even be able to run the way she was bred to do.

Millie captured the hearts of local vets after she was given to charity group Greyhound Rescue by a breeder who claimed Millie’s mother had chewed off the puppy’s paw.

Mosman Vet practice arranged through the Dogs in Motion organisation for her to be fitted for the prosthetic. The process involved taking a cast of Millie’s lower leg and sending it to America.

The prosthetic, which cost $1200, is designed to be practical rather than look like a normal paw. It is made of moulded plastic, rubber pads and foam inserts into which her leg fits snuggly.

Dr Tipler said they had to wait for Millie’s stump to heal before trying out the new paw this week.

“Millie is absolutely the sweetest dog you could ever meet,” says Dr Tipler.

“Millie is so used to having bandages on her paw that the new prosthetic didn’t worry her at all.

“But it’s unusual for a dog to walk on it straight away – so her reaction was much better than we expected – she was amazing. We even took her for a little walk down the street.”

Dr Tipler said they were optimistic Millie will eventually be able to run on the paw.

Millie, who is living with a Greyhound Rescue foster carer, will need to get another prosthetic when she becomes a fully grown greyhound.

Mosman Vet raised $3,000 and Greyhound Rescue raised $3,000 towards Millie’s care.

Millie is the first dog in Australia to have a prosthetic due to a traumatic amputation and to have a foreleg prosthetic.


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