Air Berlin’s epic luggage stuff up

324892-c477167c-15b9-11e3-bfe3-15bd677d882bHOW on earth could a passenger plane take off without a single piece of luggage?

That’s the question on the lips of 200 Air Berlin passengers, whose bags were reportedly left sitting at the airport when their flight took off, and then apparently vanished.

What’s more, nearly a month later the airline still doesn’t know where all the bags are, reported.

The allegedly luggage-less flight AB 8109 took off from Stockholm bound for Berlin on August 9. Passengers have been complaining ever since about their lost luggage. While some bags were eventually returned, others remain unaccounted for.

Cue a social media meltdown.

Furious passengers have flooded the airline’s Twitter and Facebook accounts and even set up a Facebook group: ‘Airberlin 8109 Stockholm to Berlin – Where are our bags?!‘.

Its description reads: “We still can’t comprehend why the captain decided to take off before any pieces of luggage were loaded. We need support from Air Berlin – please get to the bottom of this. This isn’t one lost bag, it’s a whole plane of lost bags!”

Many say the airline has failed to deal with the situation and continues to ignore them.

On its Twitter account Air Berlin has been advising passengers to contact the lost and found department at the airport, but passengers say the department tells them to talk to the airline.

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