Pastor Kevin Swanson: Tell gay couples to die on their wedding day.

Christian Right radio host Kevin Swanson says it is appropriate to attend a same-sex wedding but only as long as you hold up a sign calling for the happy couple to be put to death.

Taking a page from Gordon Klingenschmitt, who said that photographers should print “worthy of death” on photos of the wedding of a same-sex couple, Swanson said that guests can “attend the wedding and hold up the sign Leviticus 20:13 word for word: ‘If a man sleeps with a man as he sleeps with a woman the two of them have committed an abomination and they shall both be put to death.’ You could attend a wedding and hold up that sign.”

Bakeries, such as the Oregon cake shop that refused service to a gay couple, can do the same thing: “if you bake a cake for a homosexual wedding you can put Leviticus 20:13 on the cake.”

Swanson accused gay “fascists” of attacking the Oregon bakery, telling listeners “that the Nazi Party had their birth at a homosexual bar in Berlin…. This is what homosexuals do best and they will engage in their Pink Mafia effort to control and shut down businesses that do not cooperate with their agenda.”

Following a discussion of how same-sex weddings are “Neronic weddings” as they were developed by Nero, Swanson confessed that he finds it “mindboggling” why homosexuality is “outrageously popular” today.


This is one of the reasons I tuned my back on religion.  Did this fool ever stop to think that there are more open mined people in the world that find homophobia intolerable that are straight?  As for homosexuality being more popular, well lets just say its not in the closet so much these days.  I do however wonder how long it will be before someone tries to slap the stupid out of this man.


2 thoughts on “Pastor Kevin Swanson: Tell gay couples to die on their wedding day.

  1. As a Christian, I just want to apologize for people like this “pastor”. There is nothing Christlike or godly about his comments, and I completely disagree with his statements. I struggle with homosexuality on a daily basis, and, though I believe that acting on those desires would be going against scripture, I understand what it’s like. I don’t support the homosexual life style, but I would never, ever wish death on any of those involved in that culture.

    • My heart goes out to you, You should not have to struggle with who you are, especially not in this day and age. The issue is being gay is not a choice. I have often thought on the bibles teachings and have come to believe that homosexuality was around then as well, because if it didn’t exist why was it even mentioned. So even back then it was not understood so it was wrong. That said You would think in this day and age it would be understood and accepted. Our goverment’s run around saying equal rights for everyone, yet it is still not so. In my eyes equal rights are Human rights, Gay, Lesbian, Transgender, Black, white we are all Human, That should be enough.

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