Diana, Huntress of Bus Drivers may be a new ‘superhero’





Diana: Huntress of Bus Drivers is believed to be on the hunt for rapists on Mexico’s public transport system.



Inset (Above) is a Mexico police composite image of the suspect “superhero”. She’s dressed in black, has stark blonde hair and has won  “superhero” status for killing rapist bus drivers. But is she real?

APphoto_Mexico Bus Driver Killings

Forensic workers examine the scene where a bus driver was allegedly
killed by a self-styled “bus driver hunter,” in Ciudad Juárez,

Stories of the black-clad “avenger” have gripped Mexico which is in
the middle of a wave of aggressive sexual attacks on women.

The legendary vigilante who targets bus drivers accused of sexually assaulting their female passengers is being credited with two killings in recent weeks.

Ciudad Juárez’s El Diario newspaper reported that up to 20 witnesses had seen a middle-aged woman – dressed all in black with dyed blond hair or possibly a wig – hailing the buses before pulling out a pistol and shooting the drivers twice in the head.

An email has since been sent to several Mexican news organisations claiming responsibility for the revenge killings:

“You think because we are women we are weak, and maybe we are. But only to a certain point … We can no longer remain quiet over these acts that fill us with rage. And so, I am an instrument who will take vengeance.”

Signed: Diana, Huntress of Bus Drivers.

While the message has not been verified, the story of Diana the Huntress is rapidly turning into an urban legend.

“We cannot be sure that the email corresponds exactly to those who committed the killings” of the bus drivers, Juarez human rights activist Gustavo de la Rosa told the LA Times, “but in the city’s imagination, that is definitely what’s happening.”

Authorities are certainly taking the claims seriously.

Police are reportedly posting undercover agents on public transport in an effort to unmask the “black avenger”.

They have released a sketch of their suspect.

Female rights groups angrily pointed out that no such measures had been taken in the past decade to protect women, hundreds of whom have been raped and tortured before being killed.

While several bus drivers have been investigated over the killings, none have been brought to trial.

The vigilante’s message may contain clues to its origins: It specifically refers to women who work on the city of Ciudad Juárez’s  industrial night shifts. The bodies of dozens of these workers have been found dumped in a nearby desert in recent years.

“I myself and other women have suffered in silence but we can’t stay quiet anymore,’ the email said. “I am the instrument of vengeance for several women.”


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