Beyond the help of even iPhone 6? iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C might be final nails in Apple’s coffin

Apple has been losing the love a lot lately. It’s no secret that the stock price is going down and it’s really no secret that its newest additions to the Apple mountain slide that is the iPhone will only be loved by die-hard Apple fans refusing to leave the comfort of their brand blindness.

The one major fail with the newly launched phones is the contradiction of them and, in turn, the suggestion that they thought their audience would be ok with it.

The iPhone 5C – a ‘budget’ option – clearly came from Apple people in jobs where they get paid enough for a £400 phone to be classed ‘budget’. It’s also a bit of a thorn in the side of anyone that shelled out on an iPhone 4S a few short months ago, and these new colourful plastic-cased phones have pretty much the same spec, Siri and all.

The luxuriously metallic full whack iPhone 5S makes the divide clear, though doesn’t offer much in innovation other than the largely inconvenient iTouch fingerprint scanner. Have you ever thought how often you ask someone else to grab something off your phone for you? Or when you have to use a different finger because you’re trying to read a recipe and you’re covered in flour? Or your left hand while driving (shhh…)?

However, at its cheapest starting point this phone is only £120 less than the budget option and at its most expensive it’s almost a grand.

What Apple have really done with their helpful, two phone release is enable themselves to bring out a normal iPhone for a normal price at a cheaper manufacture cost, and a luxury largely marked-up iPhone to push themselves into a luxury market.

I used to be a massive Apple fan but I’m certainly starting to have my eyes opened up to the fact that they’ve become lazy and cash hungry. I, for one, won’t be buying a new iPhone, budget or otherwise.


What do you think?

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