Rampaging kangaroo and mob take a dip in the pool before smashing through glass door


A crazed kangaroo has gone on a wild rampage, smashing through the front window of an Australian home, leaving blood stains on the carpet.

According to local reports, the kangaroo was part of a mob that made its way into the front garden and ended up in the swimming pool in a home in Echuca, Northern Victoria.

The large eastern grey roo and three others caused thousands of pounds worth of damage to Paul Giogianni’s house after smashing the front window.

The kangaroo was the badly injured after crashing through the window and left a trail of blood throughout the house. As a result the animal offender was put down.

Speaking to local media, Mr Giogianni said: ‘It’s lucky that (the damage) is contained to the lounge room and the little bit in my bedroom.

‘It could have gone on a rampage and destroyed the whole house’.

The truck driver can’t replace anything in his property until the damage is evaluated by his insurance company.

When he informed work of the situation he said that his boss did not believe his house had been broken into by a kangaroo.

It is not yet known why the large kangaroo ended up in the residential area.

‘It’s just unheard of with that much feed around to come into town like that,’ Mr Giorganni added.


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