Creepy clown stalks English town


A sinister looking clown has been stalking the streets at night in a town north of London, becoming an online sensation and sparking a hunt for the person behind the mask.

The clown, wearing white make-up and a red curly wig, has made regular appearances in Northhampton since Friday 13, when a Facebook page “spot Northhampton’s clown” was set up.

While the clown looks terrifying, so far it has only been spotted waving creepily at residents and standing on street corners holding a bunch of balloons and sometimes a teddy bear.

The clown also reportedly knocked on one resident’s door and offered to paint their window sills, despite not having any painting equipment.

The clown’s Facebook page has more than 21,000 likes and users have posted numerous photos of it lurking around the town.


The mystery has made headlines in UK media but so far no one has succeeded in finding out the identity of the person behind the horror movie-style makeup.

Some residents have accepted the clown with good humour while others say the prank could be terrifying for people with phobias.

Facebook users Kelly Keen said “You’ve been spotted now get out of the clown suit and start acting like a grown up that you supposing are and stop scaring people as some people do have real fears of clowns and you are terrorising them despite what you may say”.

The clown responded to the criticism, saying “for those of you with phobias and fears, you don’t have to like and comment on this page. See you around soon”.


Source Northampton Herald and Post, Facebook


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