Newton-John clinic opens, Time to Raise a Glass.

OLIVIA Newton-John says her completed cancer centre in Melbourne should be a place where everybody knows your name, and has a drink waiting for you too – if that’s what you want.

Newton-John recently lost her sister to cancer and says the experience taught her how important “loving care and support” is for someone who is dying.

On Friday, after a decade in the making, budget shortfalls and many fundraising campaigns, the star finally opened the final stage of the Olivia Newton-John Cancer and Wellness Centre in the city’s north.

The opening brings online more palliative care beds, more treatment beds and additional research laboratories.

But the cancer survivor says the centre needs to also be about enabling patients to be surrounded by people who know them and care about them.

“(People who) give you all the food you want, that give you a vodka if you want one,” she said.

Newton-John said the marriage of the words “cancer” and “wellness” are important too.

“When you see that you think, ‘I can go from cancer to wellness,'” she said.

Her big dream is that, one day, she can erase “cancer” from the centre’s logo.

“It will be a wellness centre only because we’ll find a cure for cancer.”


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