Australia: New Sea World addition too cute to ‘bear’

The first polar bear to be born in Australia in 28 years debuted at Sea World on the Gold Coast. HE’S so cute he melts women’s hearts and even grown men can’t bear it.
Meet Henry – an adorable 19-week-old polar bear who is about to make a big splash at Sea World on the Gold Coast.


Staff at the theme park have fallen in love with Henry and he’s sure to capture the hearts of hundreds when making his public debut on Saturday.

“Even the males who don’t have an emotional bone in their body go ‘oooh aaah’,” Sea World’s Director of Marine Sciences Trevor Long told AAP.

“Some staff members have been brought to tears when they see Henry.

“He is very cute and it is so special that people on the Gold Coast can look at a polar bear because there aren’t many zoos in the world which have one.”

Mr Long says Henry will captivate crowds as he explores his new exhibit ‘Polar Pre-School’ which he inhabits with his mother Liya.

However, those wanting to catch a glimpse of the cub should be prepared to fit in with his schedule.

“He plays for about 40 minutes, gets tired, goes for a sleep and then comes out again,” Mr Long said.

Mr Long says Henry is about the size of a grown samoyed dog with the energy of a four-year-old child charged up on red cordial.

“He’s about 12kg to 15kg,” he said.

“He’s very adventurous. Being a male he’s very inquisitive and wants to learn new things.”

Henry’s cuteness also won’t last forever as he is expected weigh between 550kg and 600kg once fully grown.

Sea World built its polar bear exhibit in 2000 with the aim of breeding the vulnerable species.

The first and last polar bear successfully bred in Australia was born in Adelaide in 1985.


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