Apple’s new operating system for the iPhone 5S.

Sales of the iPhone 5S have soared, but consumers’ moods over iOS 7 has soured. Apple users are panicking over iOS7.

Some have had their data wiped, others’ devices were caught in limbo after iOS 7 crashed their phones or iPads, apps disappeared, for some iTunes didn’t work properly.

It’s clear that iOS 7 is probably the weakest of all of Apple’s operating systems by virtue of the sheer volume of bugs discovered since it launched a week ago.

iOS 7 is more sophisticated than past Apple operating systems but that doesn’t mean people are ready for it. The virtue of Apple devices is they’re so simple even a three-year-old can use them.
Though the same can not be said of iOS 7.

I believe Apple is massively over-estimating the capacity of its customers to keep up.

iPhones and iPads are not just devices used by “cool, tech savvy” types, They’re used by almost everyone. And that includes mums and dads, grandparents and 30-somethings.

People over the last week expressed a sense of isolation from the world of Apple. Technology should be inclusive, not exclusive. Apple needs to be doing more to create a positive experience for its customers.

Not all Apple users will ever need to realise their device’s full potential but at the bare minimum they should be able to send text messages, make calls, use Facetime, take pictures and email them to their loved ones, post them on Facebook, download songs onto iTunes and buy things from the app store without breaking into a cold sweat.
But even these tasks are difficult for the vast majority of users.

It’s commendable that Apple wants to challenge its users but if that is the case it needs to make itself more available to people when they need help.

That means employing more people. Customers shouldn’t have to make an appointment a week in advance and inevitably wait in line for another hour for the Genius staff at the Apple store,without being patronised by the Apple “Geniuses”

Installing a new operating system should not wipe your data but it has been known to happen. iOS 7 is really buggy. This is stating the obvious but why was iOS 7 was released in its current form. All software is buggy, particularly during its first release, but iOS 7 is really taking things to a whole new level.

When adding an image from your photo roll to your phone’s wallpaper it seems impossible to scale it so it fits the screen. You end up with either a massively stretched and pixelated image or one that’s too small to fit. So far no fix hs been found for this issue and not a single person who has figured out how to get around it. (This is just one example).

Using the music controls which are available on lock screen also doesn’t seem to work.

The Find My Friend feature doesn’t seem to work at all since the iOS 7 update.

The touchscreen is plagued by delays and screen freezes are far too frequent.

This may be torturing a cliche but I wonder what Steve Jobs would have made of iOS 7.

A sucker for perfection I’m pretty confident he would never have approved its launch in its current form.

Customers have been forced to choose between saving their device from failure and saving their photos.Why? Because iOS 7 requires you to set up a passcode when you first set up iOS 7 but unfortunately some people are getting locked out of their devices because the passcode they used to set up the device isn’t accepted.

Two couples who had both returned from holidays overseas and were faced with losing all of their holiday photos on their devices because of this passcode error.

If the iPad or iPhone were a PC they would have a lot more options at their disposal. Data recovery services could more easily access the device and obtain the photos and extract them so they could install a new operating system without fear of losing their photos.
The same cannot be said of Apple devices.

Both couples went to the Apple store and were told by Apple Genuises there was nothing they could do to save their photos and they would have to reinstall iOS 7 which would likely wipe the device of its pictures and videos.

Perhaps Apple should stop focusing on phones and iPads for a while.
Another year, another phone, another operating system. The world is waiting for Apple to reinvent something the way it did with the iPod and iPhone. These days it’s just tweaking its existing model and re-releasing it.

Apple Could take a few years off and only release a new phone once every two years, giving it time to find a completely new technology to revolutionise.

The company’s upcoming music streaming service for example is an area it should focus its energies on.

Apple has worked hard to pretty up its design, finally giving its monotone devices a splash of colour and sophistication; the idea being that consumers will have more power to customise their devices, further adding to their sense of identity.
This is a really clever move but again I feel Apple has skipped over some important steps.

Why for example is the search for tweets feature in Safari hidden in the Bookmarks menu?

And why is Apple continuing to speak in double negatives when it comes to privacy settings?

If you want to limit ad tracking you have to toggle the button to on. Surely if you want to stop Apple tracking your browsing habits you’d switch that button to off? This would be the logical thing that everyone would understand. That is exactly why Apple designed the feature to reflect the opposite. People will turn Limit Ad Tracking off thinking that they’re protecting their privacy when really they’re giving Apple carte blanche to spy on their internet habits.

Apple has gotten carried away with design and has forgotten about its customer base. If design isn’t educational and instructional it’s not doing its job.


What do you think?

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