Persecution and killing of Christians is on the rise across the world, US politicians largely remain silent


by Madison Ruppert, End The Lie:

The persecution and killing of Christians, especially in the Middle East and Africa, has been on the rise as of late and there is a deafening silence in Washington, D.C.

On Sunday, at least 85 Christians were killed outside of a church in Pakistan and earlier this month the historic Christian town of Maaloula in Syria fell to Islamist rebels, leaving many Christians in the crossfire.

The Christian community in Egypt is also under attack with violence constantly on the rise, as I reported last month.

In Pakistan, Christians face regular discrimination and persecution under the country’s “discriminatory blasphemy laws” under which Christians can be sentenced to death or imprisoned, according to the Telegraph.

When attackers stormed a shopping mall and held hostages in the Kenyan capital of Nairobi on Sept. 21, they reportedly targeted Christians.

The attackers called out…

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