Toad bites off more than it can chew



494855-3579a204-263b-11e3-ab6c-77cc9f67341eSAY cheese!

Wait, what’s wrong? Bat got your tongue?

This bizarre alien-like photo shows the moment a cane toad bit off more than it could chew when it attempted to swallow a bat whole.

The rare feeding encounter was captured by ranger Yufani Olaya at Peru’s Cerros de Amotape National Park.

It appears the bat was flying too close to the ground, where the opportunistic toad lunged at it and snapped it up.

“Out of nowhere the bat just flew directly into the mouth of the toad, which almost seemed to be sitting with its mouth wide open,” Olaya said.

He said the toad didn’t manage to get the wings inside its mouth, eventually giving up and spitting out the bat.

Luckily, it managed to fly away.

Biologist Phil Torres, who works at the Tambopata Research Center in the Peruvian Amazon and distributed the photo, said it was an unusual sight.

“We encounter a lot of bizarre things while working in the Peruvian rainforests, but this one is easily the [strangest] feeding interaction I’ve seen,” Torres said.

So, it seems Batman may have some fierce competition!


Creepy clown stalks English town


A sinister looking clown has been stalking the streets at night in a town north of London, becoming an online sensation and sparking a hunt for the person behind the mask.

The clown, wearing white make-up and a red curly wig, has made regular appearances in Northhampton since Friday 13, when a Facebook page “spot Northhampton’s clown” was set up.

While the clown looks terrifying, so far it has only been spotted waving creepily at residents and standing on street corners holding a bunch of balloons and sometimes a teddy bear.

The clown also reportedly knocked on one resident’s door and offered to paint their window sills, despite not having any painting equipment.

The clown’s Facebook page has more than 21,000 likes and users have posted numerous photos of it lurking around the town.


The mystery has made headlines in UK media but so far no one has succeeded in finding out the identity of the person behind the horror movie-style makeup.

Some residents have accepted the clown with good humour while others say the prank could be terrifying for people with phobias.

Facebook users Kelly Keen said “You’ve been spotted now get out of the clown suit and start acting like a grown up that you supposing are and stop scaring people as some people do have real fears of clowns and you are terrorising them despite what you may say”.

The clown responded to the criticism, saying “for those of you with phobias and fears, you don’t have to like and comment on this page. See you around soon”.


Source Northampton Herald and Post, Facebook

Graham Redfearn Filmed Self Having Sex With Horse And 2 Dogs

Graham Redfearn is banned from owning animals after police found footage of him having sex with 2 dogs and a horse.
They arrested him for burglary, but then things got wild.

Back in April, British police picked up Graham Redfearn, 41, on suspicion of burglary. When officers searched his home, they found pornographic videos of the 41-year-old having sex with a mare, and other footage of him having sex with two dogs.

Redfearn told officers that he was “experimenting” and that he’d “just lay on the bed [and] the dog did the rest,” according to the Metro.

According to the Shropshire Star, police believe that Redfearn intended to share his videos with others. He “admitted to two charges of sexual activity with a horse and dogs and two charges of possessing extreme pornographic images,” the newspaper reported.

In court Sept. 12, Redfearn was banned from owning animals and was “given a 10-year sexual offences prevention order.”

Redfearn had also posted Facebook statuses that said he was looking to work with horses and had experience with “stud work.”


In Shrewsbury crown court, Redfearn said he had been abused and raped by a German Shepherd when he was 12 years old.

Although the video showed him having sex with the horse, Redfearn avoided jail time because no evidence could be found that the animal was distressed.

This isn’t the first British bestiality case to be heard this year. In August, a Wiltshire man was banned from all farms in the United Kingdom after he admitted to having sex with a goat. Earlier this week, he was sentenced to six weeks in jail.






Rampaging kangaroo and mob take a dip in the pool before smashing through glass door


A crazed kangaroo has gone on a wild rampage, smashing through the front window of an Australian home, leaving blood stains on the carpet.

According to local reports, the kangaroo was part of a mob that made its way into the front garden and ended up in the swimming pool in a home in Echuca, Northern Victoria.

The large eastern grey roo and three others caused thousands of pounds worth of damage to Paul Giogianni’s house after smashing the front window.

The kangaroo was the badly injured after crashing through the window and left a trail of blood throughout the house. As a result the animal offender was put down.

Speaking to local media, Mr Giogianni said: ‘It’s lucky that (the damage) is contained to the lounge room and the little bit in my bedroom.

‘It could have gone on a rampage and destroyed the whole house’.

The truck driver can’t replace anything in his property until the damage is evaluated by his insurance company.

When he informed work of the situation he said that his boss did not believe his house had been broken into by a kangaroo.

It is not yet known why the large kangaroo ended up in the residential area.

‘It’s just unheard of with that much feed around to come into town like that,’ Mr Giorganni added.

Drunk dad banned from going out after simulating sex with Land Rover

A FATHER who was caught having sex with a Land Rover while on a night out has been banned from going out at the weekend.

A court heard how drunken Daniel Cooper, 24, stripped off while out with friends.

The father of three was seen urinating in the street before walking down the High Street in Holywell, Wales, with his trousers round his ankles and his t-shirt pulled above his head.

He then shocked fellow revellers by walking into a kebab shop and simulating sex with the counter of the takeaway. Married Cooper, described as being a ‘caring family man”, then dropped to the floor and began doing the same. He then left the shop and gyrated against a Land Rover Discovery that was parked nearby

Cooper says he was so drunk he could not remember what happened – until he was shown the CCTV pictures of his actions. He pleaded guilty and was placed on a three-month community order and must remain indoors between 7pm and 7am on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights for the next three months.

His sex act with the counter of the kebab shop was filmed by some of Cooper’s friends but was later deleted. One of his pals said: “Daniel will never live this down – everyone is saying he was ‘tyred’ and ‘exhausted’ afterwards. “He is not a pretty sight when naked. We all felt sorry for the Land Rover and hope it wasn’t offended.”

4 Year old elected Mayor

A FOUR-YEAR-OLD boy has been re-elected mayor of the community of
Dorset in the northern US state of Minnesota.

A worker at a general store there said,

“Residents of the community of 25 people confirmed Robert (Bobby)
Tufts as their mayor on Sunday in a vote at a local festival”

The post of Mayor is symbolic because Dorset was incorporated into a
neighbouring municipality and has no official local government.

The community holds a draw to elect a mayor with residents paying
$US1 ($A1.13) for each of their votes. Robert beat a dog and a rooster who had also been in the running for mayor.