Linda Ronstadt tells: Why She ‘can’t sing a note’

In an online article posted  Friday, Linda tells that she was diagnosed eight months ago with Parkinson’s disease and “can’t sing a note.”

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The 67-year-old music legend says she began to show symptoms as long as eight years ago, but attributed her inability to sing then to a tick disease. Then when her hands began to tremble, Ronstadt said she thought the shaking was the result of a shoulder operation.

She said she was “completely shocked” when she finally went to see neurologist and was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. “I wouldn’t have suspected that in a million, billion years. No one can sing with Parkinson’s disease, No matter how hard you try.”

Linda Ronstadt sold tens of millions of records starting in the 1970s with pop hits like ‘You’re No Good’ and ‘When Will I Be Loved’. But she also segued into among other genres which included, country, pop standards and mariachi music.

linda ronstadt

Her autobiography, due to be released next month, makes no mention of Parkinson’s or the loss of her voice. The singer’s New York-based managers did not immediately respond to requests for comment.


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